Thursday, October 25, 2012

Plan a Romantic Evening on a Budget

Heart knows no bound and hence, you never know when you will be struck by the Cupid’s arrow. If you are in love you’ll obviously want to spend time with your sweetheart. Planning a romantic evening with your sweetheart can burn a hole into your pocket especially if you are on a strict budget.

During the latest economic slowdown we all have understood the importance of budgeting and hence, searches for budget solutions for romantic dates have gone up over the Internet. If you too are on a shoe string budget here are tips planning for an affordable date, which will be easy on your purse.

Love itself is an extravagant idea and you’ll be wrong if you think that you always have to spend fortune
on your romantic evenings. Planning a romantic evening on budget isn’t a myth. Following is how you can make it happen.

Make some plans: Take time in finding out what you can do on your romantic date that is new and at the same time will not cost a fortune. You can decide about a romantic walk on a long winding path or on a beach, plan a campfire or stargazing and things like on your romantic evening. You can also plan for some activities which you can enjoy with your partner, like-playing cards or engaging in friendly singing competition.

Plan a dinner date at home: For a change you can plan for a dinner date at home. Prepare meal together. This way you’ll get more time to spend with each other. Plan to try a new dish and go for shopping together for the ingredients. Make the dinner an extravagant affair- place a nice tablecloth over the table, place some candles and flower. Pair up the food with a good quality wine.

Plan a dance: A romantic evening is all about spending some quality time with your partner. Hence, you can plan for a romantic ball after dinner. Light up your house only with scented candles, light a fire on the hearth, and put on some romantic music for a dance.

Plan a movie night: How about recreating the multiplex experience at your home? You can hire DVDs of your favorite movies from the nearby DVD parlor on your way back home. On the evening, turn off the lights, put your mobile phones on the silent mode, and arrange for popcorn and coke before settling yourself on a comfortable couch for a movie night. To throw in more fun you can also design movie tickets (you can easily design it on your computer) and get them punched just like the theater hall.

Go for a drive: After the dinner you can go for a long drive with your partner on deserted lanes. A romantic drive is an inexpensive way to savor the closeness and warmth of your partner. During the drive you can chit-chat about small things. Don’t forget to pack some good music to put on your car. You can stop at a quite place beneath the sky and can also spend sometime in star gazing. This will give you one of a kind romantic experience.

Take a walk: Leaving close to seashore is always an added advantage. You can take a long romantic walk along the path of the beach. The sea looks most romantic during the moonlit night. It also becomes quieter at the evening which makes it the most apt choice for a romantic time pass.

The idea behind planning a romantic evening on a budget is to spend quality time with your loved one. Hence, it doesn’t always have to be an elaborate event. You can plan for a cozy evening at your favorite hangout place which will not upset your budget.

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