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How to Get Your Ex Back

Love is beautiful but the journey through the love lane isn’t always smooth. There can be situations when differences may arise even between the two most loving hearts. This can lead to break-ups.

Nothing is more painful than going through the phase of break-up and things become even more difficult when you can’t get over your Ex. If you think that you are still in love with your Ex and want to win him/her back here are some ideas to help you in your bid. You can achieve the feat by following our tips on how to get your Ex back.

However, before you learn the tricks on how to get your Ex back, there are few more things that you need to remember about dealing with break ups.

Deal with the emotion: Going through the break-up phase isn’t easy.
It can have severe psychological effect upon human mind and hence can even lead to psychological problems. Hence, you may analyze your situation and seek help if needed.

Analyze your situation: The studies say that almost 90% of the break-ups are reversible and hence you’ll need to find the root cause of your break-up before trying to repair the relationship.

Analyze your emotion: Before you try to win your Ex back you must assess your feeling towards him or her. You’ll need to fathom the intensity of your love towards him/her. Most often it has been seen that people want their Exs back to take revenge.

Understand his/her feelings: Even when you want to get you Ex back (s)he may not feel the same way. (S)he must have already moved on with life and hence you’d need to know what your scopes are to get your Ex back before taking action.

Now, with all your homework done it’s time to win your Ex back.

Don’t be piteous: As a normal instinct we tend to get emotional and whining after a break-up. We plead to our Exs to take us back. But being emotional is unattractive. If you are being too needy it will push your Ex further away from you. He/she might think that they have done the right thing by breaking up with you.

Also becoming to obsessive will ruin all your efforts to get you EX back.

Don’t try to please him/her: This is commonly known as the doormat syndrome. As a common attitude we try to please our partners in every possible way with the hope to win them back and in due course we have the tendency to sacrifice our own happinesses and individuality. But you must understand that it is not the right approach. Rather, you must make him/her understand how much precious you were to him/her. Allow them the space where they can understand just how much important you were to them.

Don’t be jealous: This can be hard but you’ll need to control your jealousy if you find your Ex boyfriend/girlfriend going around with someone else. Don’t pick up a fight because of it. Jealousy is considered as a negative feeling and hence this will only ruin your chances of getting your Ex back.

Be patient: When you are trying to get you EX back you will need to be patient. Use this time to meditate over the reasons that went wrong between you two. A deep analysis of your situation will help you in devising the fool proof technique in winning you Ex back. You must make him/her miss you.

Talk to a friend: At times we are better off if we discuss our problems with others. This can help in adding a fresh perspective to the situation. Talking to a friend will help you deal with the emotions better. Also you can coax a friend to act as a messenger between you and your Ex. A common friend can also act as a mediator between you two.

Don’t be overly pleasing: Trying to be too nice isn’t going to help you either. Don’t say ‘I love you’ in every five minutes and also don’t shower your Ex with flowers and gifts. An overdose of affection will only push his/her further away from you.

Get on with life: Even when you feel miserable from within it’s not the time to show your emotion. Rather, you may try and get along with life despite the break-up. Try to forget the past and look at the future. This may force your Ex to rethink about his/her decision.

Sever all communication: Most often people make the mistake of calling and texting repeatedly to their Exs. But this will only further jeopardize your relationship. Avoid calling your Ex when you are feeling too emotional or drunk. This way you may only irritate him/her even more.

Be positive: Maintaining a positive attitude towards life will help you in getting your Ex back. Concentrate in your life, rearrange your priorities (things that you have ignored during your relationship with your Ex), spend more time with friends, go shopping etc. This may prompt your Ex to fall back in love with you.

Learn to move on: lastly you must realize that you can’t get your Ex back if he/she is no longer interested in continuing the relationship. Despite what you do all your efforts will be futile if (s)he has decided to move on with life. If that is the case then you must accept it as a fact and move on with life.

How to deal with the reconciliation 
You must understand that getting your Ex back only means the work is half done. Getting him/her back in your life isn’t enough. You’ll need to put forth more efforts now that you have got him/her back to make the relationship work. Following are some tips to help you make a successful relation after reconciliation.

  • Spend more time together.

  • Reevaluate the situations which had lead to the breakup.

  • Learn from your past mistakes.

  • Maintain honesty.

  • Give him/her gifts.

  • Make you Ex more control over the relation.

  • Look at the positive side of the relation.

  • Stay positive.

  • Become a good listener.

  • Give space to each other.

  • Avoid discussing about the past incidents.

  • Stay in touch.
Although undesirable, break-up may sometimes become unavoidable but if it happens you’ll need the right attitude to deal with it. Don’t hesitate to make efforts to win your Ex back if you still have strong feelings towards him/her.

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