Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Get a Girl to Like You

So, you have met the dream girl of your life? When you are trying to build a relationship it is important that you also make the other person like you for that matter. Every woman is different and hence, you’ll need to devise a special plan to attract one towards you. When you think you have come across the one girl, who is the right match for you, its time to know her heart and make her like you in return.

Attracting a girl towards you is an art and often one stays clueless about where to begin the journey. However
, the task of attracting a girl isn’t hard. Here are some useful tips on how to get a girl to like you.

Observe: If you think you like her then make the little observations about her, like- who her friends are, where she hangs out, what she likes to wear, where she works and so on and so forth. These observations will help you in understanding the kind of person she is.

Don’t sacrifice your life: To get a girl to like you one doesn’t have to devote all his time to her. Rather, it can be a put off for her. Girls don’t like men who don’t have their own life. Especially, during the first phase of a relationship it becomes even more important not to cling to her all the time. Let her miss you. This will help in strengthening the relation between you.

Build confidence: It can be hard to pick the courage to ask a girl out. Many of us avoid this task in the fear of rejection. Hence, it is important that you develop your skills to talk to women.

Look good and groom yourself. Looking good will also help in boosting your confidence.

Be yourself: Most often men make the mistake of pretending as someone else who they are not in their real lives. But girls are quick to recognize your true nature. Hence, you must discourage this policy to entice a woman. Be yourself while you are talking to her. She will definitely notice your honesty.

Make an impression: Make a favorable impression upon her. Every girl is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ policy in attracting a girl. You’ll need to devise a policy based on the girl’s nature. If she is a music lover then choosing a topic of music for discussion will help you win her favors. This will help in creating a positive impression as well.

Don’t use cheesy pick up lines: Don’t commit the mistake that most men do, i.e., using cheesy pick up lines. If you are genuinely interested in the girl you may avoid using pick up lines altogether since these will only put her off. Girls like men who show genuine interest in them and look sincere in their efforts.

Befriend her: Listening to her will take you a long way. Try to befriend her. This will help you in winning her confidence. Spend time with her and try to play a supportive role while she is discussing her fears and insecurities.

Be flirty: If you are interested in moving ahead in the relationship don’t get stuck in the ‘friendship zone’. It is important that she gets the clear idea about your true intention. So, try flirting with her in the right way. However, you may remember not to go overboard at the first place.

Compliment her: Noting is more effective to get a girl to like you than complimenting her on her looks. Don’t hesitate to compliment her if you think she is looking good. Comment on her dress, her make-up and also on her sense of humor.

Give her priorities: Especially during the first phase of the relationship giving priorities to her will be extremely critical. Keep in touch with her. Call her up often and chat. Take her out on weekends. This will help in building a comfort zone between you two.

Take your time in attracting her towards you. Don’t be too pushy. This may only annoy her. Pick up her body language. If she is demonstrating positive signs then move forward to take the relationship to the next level.

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