Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Have a Healthy Love Relationship

A healthy relationship is the essence of a true love life. If you are married, it becomes all the more important to have a great relationship with your partner.

How to have a healthy love relationship thus depends entirely on the combined efforts of you and your sweetheart. There are several ups and downs in a relationship, which has its toll on the two of you and your family. Some of the problems even create an unhealthy situation between the two partners.

It is thus, very necessary to know how to have a healthy love relationship, in order to turn your love life into a blissful one.

Are you in a Healthy love relationship?

You need to question yourself that the relationship which you and your partner share is a healthy one or not. It is very essential, as in our busy life, we often ignore this basic requirement to have a happy life. Therefore, you must take a time out and ponder over this important question. Certain questions which help you to determine whether you are in a healthy relationship are:
  1. Do you and your partner have the basic understanding?

  2. Do you both trust each other?

  3. Do you communicate well with each other?

  4. Do you know each other's likes and dislikes?

  5. Do you love each other's company?

  6. Do you care for each others needs?

  7. Do you have frequent fights?
These and several other questions can help you determine the kind of relationship you share with your loved one. You can even determine the amount of damage done to your love relationship and plan out to amend the condition.

How to have a healthy love relationship:

There are several ways in which you can have a healthy relationship. Some of them are:
  1. Communication: This is very essential part of a healthy relationship. Communicating well with each other solves most of the problems and maintains the understanding level. Talks act as adhesive between estranged relationships.

  2. Explore the differences between the two of you: When problems arise, it leaves a trail of untold differences. You and your partner may have accumulated many of such differences, which need to be explored.

  3. Try to Gel well with each others friends and families: Everyone would like to have their partners maintain a good relation with their friends and families.

  4. Share some laughter: You and your partner need to laugh a lot together. You can share your best moments with your sweetheart and roll with laughter.

  5. Be Yourself: Being true and natural keeps the flame of love burning. You and your loved one must never pretend to be someone else and be the way you are.

  6. Appreciate each others efforts: You need not be formal, but a little appreciation can make your partner feel cared.
How to improve an unhealthy love relationship:

When every thing between you and your loved one has gone sour, you can only think of ways to improve the conditions and stop them from becoming worse. Some of the things which you can do to amend the unhealthy relation between you and your partner are:

  1. Try to understand the root cause of all problems

  2. Talk it out with your partner

  3. Together come to a solution for your differences.

  4. Spend a romantic time together, to add some romance to your relationship

  5. Let your partner express all his/her feelings towards you and the relationship

  6. Take advice from elders who are close to you and your partner etc.
How to have a healthy love relationship is no more a question of concern as you now have ways to actually have a great relationship.

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