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How to Make Out - Tips and Myths

"Could I hold you for a lifetime, Could I look into your eyes, Could I have this night to share this night together, Could I hold you close beside me....Could I could I have this kiss forever ..." by Enrique Iglesias

Love secretly paves the path for playful moods, the soft caress, the enduring hug and the "kiss
forever". Love breathes on passion hence lovers have the desire to get cozy. Making love with the one you love and cherish is a beautiful feeling. It's an intermingling state of passion and emotion. Lovers would agree with me here. So ever thought about how to make out with your partner?

The crux is, making love is just not about getting "up-close- and gasping' all the time. More than a physical act, love making is an emotional desire. Making out with your partner, is not about having the final act but rather turning on the mood. Cuddling up on the couch together is also a sweet way of making out.

Make Out Tips

Understand and act. That's the key mantra and the greatest of all answers on how to make out. You need to know if it's okay to kiss your girl. Take hints from her prolonged gaze, playful gestures, and mellowed voice. They would sure tell you whether she wants to get all mushy with you.

Once you have figured that out, go slow. With women you should never rush. Don't go all Latino when you fist kiss her. Rather kiss her softly on her lips and go slow. She needs to get used to the idea of getting close with you. So you aught to pamper her senses all the way.

Baby steps in love making will win it all for you. Gradually you can hold her close in your arms and cuddle up. A light peck on the chin or a passionate kiss on the neck would sure set the mood further. See how she reacts. If there's anything to which she is uncomfortable with, pause it then and there.

However, if she returns back the passionate gestures then you know she is gradually opening herself to you.

Love making - The ambiance

Passionate love making depends on a romantic ambiance. For if that hasn't been the case, there wouldn't have demand for the scented candles, the Lycra drapes, the crepe gown, soft music and the floral curtains. Does it sound much like the romantic movie flick you have seen? And you wish to experience the same. So is it difficult? Not at all.

To set up the right mood, all you need to do is understand what your partner likes. If he likes pastel shades, you can have dimmed yellow candles coupled with rust shade curtains. Beautiful objects like pink and white rose petals, fragrance linger on to our senses. It's amidst a beautiful surrounding that a casual nudge or a warm hug runs into a prolonged kiss.

Making out Myths

Yet there are many who would remain inhibited from this secret joy of togetherness. The reason would be some widely celebrated myths. Let's have a look at them:-
  • It's all about looks: Absolutely not. Looks are important but not the deciding factor in love making. Passionate love making depends in whether you can be best friends even on bed.
  • You have to be perfect: And in what? To which there are qualms of answers that you would get. The only perfection that you might need to make out, is to love your partner and go with the flow.
  • Hide your spontaneity: Rather if its spontaneity, bring it on. When you make love you surrender to your senses and let spontaneity guide you. A reason why you would remember forever your first kiss, or when you suddenly got cozy in your car.
How to make out with your partner is more of a romantic journey, once you have some love making guidelines handy.
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