Friday, October 26, 2012

4 Signs to Know if a Guy Likes You

Is the guy interested in you? Is there something, which connects you with the guy? How to know if a guy likes you... this simple question often becomes the biggest nightmare for many girls out there. How can you tell that a guy feels for you?

Well, the answer is simple. Watch his behaviors and body language. Do not fancy about him, rather observe him and how he reacts on your comments, remarks, and opinions!!! Given below are some simple signs, with which you can know if the man likes you or not.
Signs of Love: There are a couple of signs, by which you can understand whether the man likes you or not. But you have to be a little conscious about his attitude and behavior. Given below some of the most tested formula on how to know if a guy likes you or not.

These are some of the most tested methods to know if the guy is really interested in you or not. Moreover, it can be felt within your heart. Open your senses and you will know it!
  1. Watch his look: Does he always smile at you? If you are in a crowd, always check whether he is staring at you or not. If you see him looking at you, just throw a smile at him and see how he reacts. If he smiles at you back, then you must understand that he has some interest in you, else he will not look at you in a crowd.
  2. Conversation with him: Does he always look for an opportunity to talk with you. If yes, then you must know that he likes you. If he really likes you he will start conversation over any vague topic like the weather, your dress, your future plan etc. This is a primary problem with the guys, they never get to the point directly. If the man fumbles to talk to you, you must know that he likes you genuinely. Sometimes, he also may ask some questions like "Are you dating someone" or "Will be go for a dinner with me". You should know that he likes you from these gestures as well.
  3. Does he discuss with friends: If he is truly interested in you, he must discuss it with his close friends. He will share his thoughts about you, how he feels about you, or how he connects with you. Ask a trusted friend of him whether he has some liking for you or not. You should know that when he is talking about you with a friends, he wants that it should get back to you. This is clever sign from any guy, who will be interested in you.
  4. Does he appear unexpectedly: If the person really likes you, he must appear to meet you unexpectedly. Of course, he will have some weird explanation for that like " I am passing by the lane, so I thought I should meet you once." or "My uncle exactly lives in your neighborhood. I came to visit him, I suddenly found you waiting here."
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