Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Developing Healthy Lifestyles through Disease Prevention

Waking up each day has made me realized how lucky I am to feel so alright when there are millions of people waking up in hospital beds trying to survive the battle between their body and their illness. It had made me think about the great chances or possibilities for me and for other people of today of having incapacitating diseases. With that, I promised myself to stop doing things that could harm my body like drinking alcohol and smoking; rather, I’d spend my life observing healthy lifestyles

In my quest between fighting the vices I used to have and my desire to live a healthy life, I have learned so much. Those learning I have accumulated seem to bother me and think about the many people who have not realized the worth of life yet. This is why I am here writing and trying to tell people who can read this to follow what I’ve done. Even I myself cannot imagine that I would come to this point. 

Prevention is better than cure, we know that. Healthy lifestyles have so much to talk about and one is disease prevention. For me, disease prevention is not limited to taking vitamins and the likes but saying goodbye to unhealthy ways of living like abusing the body and ingesting toxic chemicals. If you are like me who have been very addicted to alcohol and smoking, better think positive starting now. You might think this is crazy but you will thank me after. How diseases will be prevented? What do you think? Obviously, alcohol and cigarette is not good for the body. Though the effects may not be abrupt, do you want to notice them the time you can’t handle it anymore?

You are young and you have to realize the importance of life. It is a good thing that you are nor feeling any health dilemmas right now and do not wait for you to have the reason to feel pain. Start adhering to healthy lifestyles now. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Take care and have nothing to pay in the future.
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