Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Because A Healthy Life Matters, Take Care!

Okay, first impression. You are surely thinking that this is just another of those health-is-wealth-so-treasure-it write-ups that you always come across in books, magazines, the TV, and over the web. It must be a hackneyed tale that tells nothing new. Well that could be partly true but not entirely. Sure, we’d be talking most about an old truth—our health is our most important asset. But this time, we are reviving that truth. The reason? Many are forgetting about its prime importance.

Everybody wants a healthy life. But not all who wants it actually applies it. As a matter of fact, a lot of people are living a life that is extremely in contrast to the kind of life they are aiming for, or at least they claim to aim.  This is in particular reference to what people mostly eat. 

Whether you admit it or not, you have your own share of delectable—mostly unhealthy—cravings. But who doesn’t? Sweet pastries and chocolates beg to be eaten and it’s just so hard to resist them. After all, they’re not called darling and delectable temptations for nothing.

But here’s the thing. Yielding to your delectable cravings and not leaving any room for a healthy lifecan kill. This is a straightforward fact that must be highlighted. In most cases, degenerative and chronic diseases are triggered by the kinds of foods and drinks that we take in. For instance, you have a predisposition to type 1diabetes after inheriting it from your father. But although the ailment is already there, your lifestyle—particularly the kinds of foods you eat and drink—play a major role in worsening your case.

So watch what you eat and drink. You cannot simply pray for a healthy life and then that’s it. You need to exert an effort to live your life the healthiest way you can. Sounds hard? Well, at first it could really be. But once you have gotten used to it, you won’t even feel you have some personal restrictions in your lifestyle particularly regarding what you eat and drink. And finally, because your health matters, take care!
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