Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6 Easy Tips For Long Hair

Want long and gorgeous hair? Looking for the best way to grow your hair? Then it is the right place. 
            When I was 15 - 16 in that of age, I had a very long and thick hair. But after that my hair becomes thinner as i didn't take care of it. My friends were having good hair than mine. I decided to take some care of it. Now,
I'm having long and gorgeous hair than others. Here are the tips i tried and benefited. 

1. Drink Water:

           All the beauty tips start from the simple fact that is drink water. Usually, your body needs water content. Drink as much you can, atleast 2 liters of water a day. 

2. Oil Massage:

         Oil is the most important as water. Oil your atleast twice a week. I recommend coconut oil massage. Massage your hair with coconut oil before you go to bed. 

3. Take Green Veggies:

         Stronger Body - Stronger hair. Hair growth is not entirely depending on what you apply on hair rather it is what you intake. Take the green veggies and spinach.Your food should be colorful like with colorful veggies.

4. Hibiscus:

         Hibiscus has many medical properties. One of it is hair nourishing and hair growth. Eat one hibiscus every day morning before breakfast. Not every type of hibiscus can be eaten. You can only eat red colored hibiscus shown in image.

5. Curry Leaves:

Curry leaf is the essential part of our cooking. Like hibiscus curry leaves also have medical properties. Eat some curry leaves every day that eventually helps your hair growth.

6. Keep Your Body Cool:

          The most essential tip for hair growing is keeping your body cool. That can be done with the help of regular oiling and drink enough water. Try to avoid going out in sun.

         These all are natural remedies. It boosts your immune system. Do this and you will see the difference in your hair length and thickness.
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