Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stylish Nail Art

Nail Art became popular now because of its trendiest look. Long nail enhances the beauty of hands and perfect nail art will highlight the overall look of the hand.Nail Arts have very high impact on Beauty and style. The new techniques and nail art tools enable us to create amazing nail art designs. There are different accessories available for nail art design such as nail polish, glitters, dots, false nail, nail pins, funny stickers, 3d options, etc.

Types of Nail Art
Nail Stripes
            Nail Stripes are readymade light weighted plastic plates which is nail shaped. Apply Base coat to your nail. Choose the stripe which fit your nail. Carefully stick it onto your nail. Remove the excess stripe. Apply the top coat. It is the easiest method and affordable too. You can get stripes in different style.

Glitter Nail
            Glittering nails looks so amazing and makes your nail to shine in your favorite color. Some nail polish comes with containing glitter in it. Glitter also comes alone. Apply clear nail polish. Using the nail art brush apply glitter on the tip of your nail. Apply another coat of nail polish. After it dried you can leave it as it is or you can make your lovely design on your nail.

Water Marble Art
                  It is the simple technique in nail ar. You just need some water, Vaseline and nail polish. First of all apply Vaseline to your nail. Take a bowl of water and add some nail polish from lower height and you will see how its spread. Keep adding different nail polish to obtain desired design.Using the tooth pick you can design. The easiest way is to pull from center of nail polish.  Once you have the design, just place the nail above it. Don’t remove the nail until it stick on your nail. Pull away the excess nail polish using toothpick. Quickly remove your finger from water and let it dry. Finish with the top coat.



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