Friday, November 2, 2012

How to Have Beautiful Hands

Having soft and smooth hands is something what many woman would love to have. It is particularly important in thedating world. Men love the feel of the soft and smooth hands of their date. However, having the desirable skin may not always come easy to some people.

If you're a housekeeper, machinist,

or health care worker, you are especially prone to a condition called irritant contact dermatitis.Activities in those fields often expose the hands to water, soap, and harsh chemicals that are irritating to the skin. These factors strip the skin off lipids that act as natural barrier. Once this layer is disrupted, the skin becomes dry, flaky, reddish, and irritated.

It is therefore a good practice to apply hand cream after every handwash. Water alone can ironically contribute to dry skin, especially hard water. By using hand moisturizers, the moisture is immediately locked in the skin. Hand creams can also soothe an already irritated skin. They act as a protective layer and may even speed up (especially skin care productscontaining ceramides) skin renewal.

Hand Cream (Photo: Amazon)

Do you really need a cream specifically for the hands? Well, body lotion and hand creams basically have the same formulation, only that body lotion islighter in weight and is more convenient to use for the whole body. If you have normal skin, a body lotion may already be sufficient for your hand care. If you have dry and sensitive skin type, you may need a hand cream that have heavier formulation. In fact, it is even proven by a scientific study by Günter Kampf and Joachim Ennenthat using a hand cream after each wash improves the skin's smoothness.
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