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How To Apply False Eyelashes

Hey everyone! As Halloween and holiday times start creeping up on us, the advent of many festive parties come to our attention as well. What will we wear? Gold or red sequins? Boots or heels?

One accessory that is fabulous at accenting our look and is perfect for the season is something you may not have thought of: false eyelashes!

Whether you are a novice and want to amp up that lion costume for Halloween, or you are a lash pro and are curious for tips you may not have thought of before, I wanted to share a bit of my knowledge of lashes that I've picked up over the years. I'll admit it, I'm lash obsessed!

Check out the vid below to get the low-down on lashes:

Here are some basic tools that I find come in handy when applying lashes.

1. First, Duo Dark-tone glue is awesome for everyday use since the glue dries clear and the hold is strong but not too strong that it will pull out your lashes when you are removing them.

2. Cuticle scissors are awesome at cutting extra length off the outer end of lashes if they are too long for your eye shape.

3. A good waterproof liquid eyeliner is a MUST as a base to hide lashes and fix visible glue lines. I prefer matte eyeliners since it hides the lash band better. My favorite is this Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner which is a felt-tip pen type, making it very easy to control for beginners.


To prepare the lashes for application, I measure the lash on my eyelids, then note how much extra length there is on the ends that need to be snipped. With most Asian lashes, I usually skip this step but different brands do make different lengths of lashes and not every lash will fit.

Apply glue by squeezing out just enough to make a small curve at the tip of the applicator. Then slide the lash band from one end to the other, adding a bit extra to each end so the lash corners won't lift.

After the glue gets tacky (about 10 seconds or so) place the lash as close to the lash line as possible. When applying, I like to place the inner corner first, then middle and end. When the lash is in place, I press each section (inner, middle, end) into the lash line and hold for about 5 seconds to assure the lash has good grip.

If you happen to have monolids and want your eye to look even more open, you can also draw your eyeliner a little thicker and apply the lash slightly above the lash line. This often results in forming a crease in the eyelid. It's a great trick to get variety in your makeup looks! This is from my Film & Photography makeup tutorial.

You can also use the full length of a lash to manipulate the length of your eyes as well, as I did here in myPrincess Jasmine makeup tutorial, giving a more sexy, exotic look.

Whether you are applying makeup for a costume, special occasion, or just for everyday, lashes are a really amazing tool for enhancing a look. A photograph always looks better in a frame and the same is true for eyes. :)

I hope you found this tutorial informative! If there are any questions I haven't answered make sure you check out the video to see if I answered it there. Otherwise, definitely leave any tips or questions in the comments!

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