Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Five Easy Ways To Enhance Your Memory

Do you find it hard to remember important things? Do you find it difficult to recall important numbers when in an emergency? Well, do not worry. You aren’t suffering from a major cognitive disorder. It’s just that your memory power has reduced. Read through the article and get to know 5 simple ways to enhance your memory.

1. Trust your memory
Trusting your memory is the first step towards a better memory. If you tell yourself, you can’t remember anything, you will not be able to recall anything. Just as making negative remarks about memory yields negative results, so is the case otherwise. Tell yourself, your memory is really good, you can recall everything and see the difference. You will surely recall each and every thing that you plan to.

2. Find out what works best for you
Some people find it easy to remember pictures. They can vividly describe a picture that they have seen in the past, with intricate details and extreme precision. Such people possess what is called photographic memory or eidetic memory. There are some others, possessing a non-photographic memory, who find it easy to recollect words or sounds. In order to memorize a thing, first find out what kind of a memory you have and what suits you best. Try a simple exercise like this. Pick out a novel and randomly open any page in it. After this, read that page aloud. Then, pull out a children’s novel and read a page which has an illustration. Take a break for 10 minutes and then try to recall what you read in these two pages. If you could recall the illustration and the children’s novel easily, that means you have a photographic memory. Otherwise, the case is, it is sounds and words that affect you first, not pictures.

3. Learn to associate
Studies reveal, the human mind finds it easy to remember personal, spatial, sexual, surprising, humorous and meaningful information. Hence, the simplest way to recall an information is by associating it to things which you can relate to. For example, you are learning a foreign language, say German, and you have to remember the word for the numeral ’8′. In German, it is written as ‘Acht’, so you can associate it with your aunt. How? Check out the analogy. ’8′ is, many a times, referred to as a big, fat lady and so is your aunt, suppose. This way it is easy to remember the spelling ‘acht’ when associated to the word ‘aunt’. Isn’t that simple and fun?

4. Hone your observational skills
Many a times, people are unable to recall pictures, faces and words because they haven’t observed them well, in the first place. Until and unless, you don’t pay attention to a thing, you cannot learn it and consequently, you cannot memorize it. Hence, it’s important to hone your observational skills. Once you start observing people and things around you, you will be able to recall them in a better way. Most times, when you meet new people, you are unable to recall their names and important details in the first go. That’s because, you didn’t pay attention to what they said nor did you observe how they said that. When you start paying attention to intricate details, you will find it easy to remember the details of everything that happens around you.

5. Stay fit
A healthy body corresponds to a healthy brain and a healthy brain helps to memorize better. Hence, it is very important to keep yourself fit. Eat right, exercise regularly and sleep well. If you deprive yourself of sleep or food, your brain will feel tiresome and find it difficult to process any information that comes its way. This will eventually hamper your memory. Hence, make sure you always eat nutritious food and sleep for at least 8-10 hours a day. Exercises and meditation help to refresh your brain, enhancing its productivity.

These are simple techniques which you can employ in your day-to-day life in order to enhance your memory. Once you’ve got the trick to recall things in a faster, easier and better way, your confidence will automatically boost. As a result, you will find it easy to tackle even the most difficult situations.

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