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Top 10 All Time Favorite Hairstyles

Our hair is just our crowning glory.
We women adore fashion and style. Fashion comes in clothes, shoes, makeup, fancy accessories, styles the way we carry things and hairstyles. We enjoy dressing up, getting ready and styling our hair.  Hair is the part of fashion and beauty. Here is a list of 10 hairstyles which are famous since long till yet and not getting a chance to get down. So here are all time ten favorite hair styles you may want to check out.

1) Angel Bob Hairstyle
Decent Bob Hairstyle
[Image Source: Bob Hair Styles]
Bon hairstyle, honestly it doesn't suit all but never gets old. It comes with changing its shapes, angel bob, sleek bob, bob with bangs etc. It’s best suitable for working ladies.

2) Backcombed Lose Curls Hairstyle
Simple Backcombed Hair
[Image Source: Become Gorgeous]
Backcombed and lose curls hair is the best hairstyle for long hair. Best suitable for those who women want volume in their hair. Backcombed hair are always the best idea to artificially giving volume to your hair and lose curls adds more with them.

3) Front Braid Hairstyle
Elegant Front Braid
[Image Source: New Cool Hairstyle]
Front Braid is the decent most hairstyle for parties and night functions. It’s all time favorite and these days hottest hairstyle. It suits the most on hair which have natural volume.

4) Fringe Hair with Bangs Hairstyle
Fringe Hairstyle with Side Bangs
[Image Source: Great Celebrity Hairstyles]
Bang suits with every type of straight hair, and suits the most on fringe. The side bangs looks very hot with fringe hairstyle. This hairstyle is the most commonly used and highly popular in every era.

5) Sleek Hairstyle
Long Sleek Hairstyle
[Image Source: New Cool Hairstyle]
A hairstyle that suits on all, looks hot all the day and popular throughout yet. Yes its sleek hairstyle, this hairstyle is even one of my personal favorite and sexiest among all.

6) Messy Backcombed French Braid Hairstyle
Simple Backcombed Messy Hairstyle
[Image Source: Confetti]
French braid is the oldest popular hairstyle and when it comes with messy look, it becomes the sexiest among all. The messy, out of bed, look gives it the style statement and makes it unique from rest common styles. This hairstyle is usually adopted by models and actress at the start but with time it gets so popularity and it’s in style from last many years.

7) Straight Layers with Front Backcombing Hairstyle 
Layered Hairstyle with Front Backcombing
[Image Source: Google]
This is my favorite ‘cause it’s my own hairstyle actually. And it’s the easiest for working women, who don’t get enough time to have a hairstyle at the start of day. This hairstyle comes with short or long straight or wavy hair. Cut in layers style and adding volume on tying it up by backcombing.

8) Messy Updo Hairstyle
Messy Bride Updo Hairstyle
[Image Source: Bride]
This hairstyle got popular so high, also known as beach hairstyle. The most casual hairstyle and quite popular among ladies since long.

9) Ponytail Hairstyle
Ponytail is always in Fashion
[Image Source: Ponytail Hairstyles]
Ponytail suits on every kind of hair, sleek or wavy, curls or perms. A ponytail caters every hairstyle. It’s the highest ranking in popularity since ages and not supposes to get down ever in list of hairstyles.

10) Lose Wavy Hairstyle
Long wavy Hairstyle
[Image Source: Hairstyle Images]
Perms comes in and goes out of fashion but lose waves or curls in hair never goes out till yet. It suits on every type of dress and face cut, and popular since last two decades among ladies.
So what's your hairstyle? Which hairstyle you like the most?
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