Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tips To Enjoy and Live a Healthy Life

There are many articles today on the web or in many books and magazines that we can read which tackles about how to live a healthy life. But I would like to share these things to you, to enhance your knowledge about healthy living.

Living a healthy life would mean being comfortable with everyone else in the society and doing well in everything that you need and want to do. Tips about living a life healthy is of course easier said than done.
But with self-discipline and determination, everything will go smoothly. 

 But before hand, let tell me you about some good things about living healthy. Aside from being physically healthy, you are also emotionally stable since you can deal positively with stresses and other factors that may come along your way. Another thing is that you are also mentally stable of healthy. This is because the way you learn things and thing is affected by your physical and emotional stability.

Below are some tips to follow for a healthy life. I will enumerate them briefly as I could:

1.    Prioritize things and do them well.
2.    Plan things a head of time to avoid cramming.
3.    Do everything in moderation since too much of everything is dangerous.
4.    Do what you love and what your passion calls for.
5.    As much as possible maintain a good social life, get along with everyone else cheerfully.
6.    Learn to relax, laugh and crack jokes in a right time. 
7.    You should be ethical, polite and sincere. It would be unnecessary to flatter someone if you don’t mean it, do not lie.
8.    Do not indulge yourself in a malicious gossip.
9.    Go for recreational activities and maintain a regular exercise.
10.    Eat nutritious and healthy food. And take more water.
11.    Do not forget to cultivate your spiritual life. This is very important.
12.    Learn to control your temper. Otherwise, you can easily be in trouble.
13.    You should take for at least 8 hours every night. Avoid the habit sleeping late at night.
14.    During your busy moment, take time to relax or take a nap, this will help you clear your mind.
15.    Control your heart and mind. This will affect your general being.

Ponder on these things. Lead a healthy life and you will see that despite the uncertainty of life, you will live a happy life.
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