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9 qualities your best friend should have

9 qualities your best friend should have

What is a best friend? We list a few ideas on who could be that 'best' friend you are searching for...

9 qualities your best friend should have
Many times it happens that you term your school friends as the only best friends you have, and as you progress in life, you realize they have changed and you are not on the same page with them. Then again you meet new people, form new associations and you make newer best friends. Very often you confuse the qualities of abest friend with someone who will be there in your life for a reason or season but later for no reason might just disappear from your life. That does not mean he ceases to be a friend, but it
becomes necessary to understand who exactly is your 'best' friend. Here we give you a few pointers who can qualify as your best friend:

1. He is not always free every weekend to chat with you and have a cup of coffee! But when you are lonely, and you call him in the middle of the night, he will rush to you, specially during a festival holiday.

2. You shouted at him/her for making things dirty in your house and taking you for granted but the next day if you apologise, he will forgive you for your bad behaviour.

3. You are going through a heartbreak and shout at the top of your voice to be "left alone" your friend still goes with you and gives you company till you are finally okay.

4. She might be a busy career woman and not have time to gossip with you anymore, but when you are looking for advise she is all ears! She will also refer you at the right places for a job and look after your good interests.

5. Your friend refuses to give you a ride in his car because he has to run other errands but he feels that 'guilty' pangs when he comes face-to-face with you and tries to make it up in some other way.

6. Your friend is running a busy schedule at work, late night shifts, stress and all...but he still finds time to share a few moments after work to tie that friendship band on your hands.

7. You keep on giving him or her calls and he fails to respond. You feel this is the 'end' and friendship has hit rock bottom but he suddenly again emerges and surprises you on your birthday with a big birthday cake.

8. You feel that there is a distance with your friend now that she is married and busy with a life of her own, but in parties or social groups, when other people are trying to criticize you or make you feel bad, she is there to take your side and protect you.

9. You meet a nice, handsome guy or a beautiful girl, and the name that registers on your mind to call and talk to her or him about it, is your best friend!

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