Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

Love Birds... Valentine day is near, in say 7,8 days. So how many of you planned to give your special ones something special. I am sure, you're tired with all old cards and teddies. They are always cute without any doubt but they are quite old gadgets to show your love. She Exists aims girls so here are a bit different valentine's day gift ideas to improve your day and to make him love you more. 

1) Jar Full of Romantic Notes
What about giving him a jar, full of romantic notes. Secret messages which you can never tell him loud and small wishes? I am sure he will love to find this unique thing for him and keep it as the best love asset of his love life.

2) Write A Poem
Make him feel special, write some poem for him. Some your words which you can say only for him. There is not need to be in rhyme, just put your feelings in, and feel the love in the air. This would be the romantic most gift that you can give him with your words only.

3) Cook His Favorite Meal, Together
Whoever the guy is, they love when their special ones, their girls are cooking for them. When you're in love with someone and cook for them, you put your heart in the pan and serve them. Trust me, Guys love it. Cook his all favorite meals and arrange a private party at home. He would love to spend a naughty night cooking with you, cooked food and you.

4) 52 Reasons Why You Love Him
Send him a letter saying 52 reasons why he's the most special person in your life. Tell him all the things you love in him, all good things that attracts you towards him and all best feelings that he ever gave you. This will confirm increase the pleasure and love in between.

5) Your First Kiss
Did you ever kiss him yet? You can give him the best by making your first kiss with him. This time will be memorable throughout your life time

6) A Romantic Beach Trip
Spend and evening out, Arrange a plan to visit beach with him, go to see the sunset under his arms. Feel him around you and enjoy with the restless tides. This plan can end on a perfect beach dinner.

7) The Best Gift is Your Time
The best and all time hot gift is to give your time in the busy routine. Spend an evening with him, just the two of you and make the time for each other. He would love it and love you.

Make your time romantic on this valentine. So What you're planning to give your special one this valentine? Share your responses on this post to send us your feedback and show your participation.
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